Charter Schools Vote Roll Call

If you would like to contact your legislator about their vote on charter schools these links will give you the roll call vote.

Senate Members

Passed 27 to 20 in the Senate on January 20, 2016, reenacts and amends Initiative 1240 provisions to authorize charter schools and address the Washington Supreme Court’s concerns of non-common school status and funding source. Specifies funding for other education programs that are not associated with a school district. Makes appropriation from the Washington Opportunities Pathways account for the operations of non-common schools and the Washington Charter School Commission.

Senate Roll Call Vote can be found here.


House Members

Passed 58 to 39 in the House on March 9, 2016.

House Roll Call Vote can be found here.


For further information on groups that promote privatization of public education you can check out the links below.

Act Now for Washington’s Students –


Politicians receiving money from Act Now for Washington Students:

Last First Chamber
Pettigrew Eric House
Springer Larry House
Clibborn Judy House
Sawyer David House
Gregerson Mia House
Senn Tanna House
Lytton Kris House
Magendanz Chad House
Wilcox J.T. House
Smith Norma House
Chandler Bruce House
Stambuagh Melanie House
Stokesbary Drew House
Mullet Mark Senate
Hobbs Steve Senate
Hargrove Jim Senate
Billig Andy Senate
Rolfes Christine Senate
Litzow Steve Senate
Fain Joe Senate
Hill Andy Senate
Braun John Senate
Rivers Ann Senate
Dammeier Bruce Senate

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