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Washington State legislators did not finish the supplemental budget within the 60 days.  Governor Inslee promptly called the legislators back to work at 10:30 pm on Thursday night.  Legislators are not allowed to raise campaign funds while they are in session.  With many running for office again in November the special session creates a delay in gathering contributions.

On March 10th the State Board of Education met at the Puget Sound Educational Service District office in Renton.  The legislative report was very interesting.  The summary included the House and Senate supplemental budget proposals for K-12 education.

The House has proposed spending $89,000,000 for public education.  They are using part of the rainy day reserve fund because they believe that public education is in rainy day shape.

The Senate has proposed spending $3,000,000 for public education.  The Senate Republicans are using the theory “Tax Reform.  No New Taxes.”  (When I visited my Senator from the 30th Legislative District that sign was posted on his office door.)

This is ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, at work.  The Freedom Foundation, which is part of ALEC in Washington, helps to squash the concept of new revenue.  Read more about their goals here.

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